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    Pound by Pound: Exiting a Monetary Union and Defining British Exceptionalism

    Robert Yee –  The British exit, or “Brexit,” from the European Union has sent shockwaves throughout major financial markets. According to BBC, the referendum showed 53.4 percent of citizens were in favor of leaving the monetary union, much to the dismay…Click to read more

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    The Collaborative Effort of the Meiji Restoration

    Anela Mangum – By late 1867, Japan’s centuries-old Tokugawa government was losing ground. In November, Tokugawa Yoshinobu resigned from his position as shogun. While Yoshinobu hoped to maintain his political prestige, samurai from the outer regions of Japan led a…Click to read more

  • Africans-in-Peru-5

    Africans in Peru

      Emilio Contreras –  In Latin America, Africans played a major role in the formation of society. Still, their history is not as well known as it should be. From 1492 to 1900, a total of 12 to 20 million…Click to read more

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    Published – Spring 2016 Edition

    The editors of the Vanderbilt Historical Review are pleased to announce the publication of our inaugural journal of history. The spring of 2016 Review features the work of undergraduate students from around the country. We encourage you check it out (PDF…Click to read more

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    Tourism in Early Modern Venice

    Ivana Čerňanová (University of Edinburgh, Article Exchange) – The 17th and 18th centuries in Venice saw the gradual decline of the Republic. Venice lost its status of a Mediterranean power as well as its prominent position in international trade and…Click to read more

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    Enabling Hitler

    Laura Grove –  Early in his political career, Adolf Hitler participated in the infamous failed Beer Hall Putsch that had attempted to overthrow the government by force. After this, he quickly came to the conclusion that he had to work through…Click to read more

  • "The Holy Trinity"

    Masaccio and the Holy Trinity

    Mark Michael Astarita –  Painted in 1427, The Holy Trinity (Santa Trinità) by Masaccio is an elaborate piece of artwork that uses numerous stylistic techniques characteristic of the Early Italian Renaissance. Born in 1401 under the name Tomasso di Ser Giovanni di…Click to read more

  • Evangelist Billy Graham and President Nixon wave to a crowd of 12,500 at ceremonies honoring Graham at Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday, Oct. 16, 1971. (AP Photo)

    The New Right and Their Fight for God and Country

    Dylan Rosenfield – The 1970s and 1980s brought about a new era of political climate in the United States. Concerned about the direction of their country, Americans found themselves disenchanted with their government, which they feared was responsible for years…Click to read more

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