Spring 2017

Spring 2017

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J. Davis Winkie, Vanderbilt University, “The Good War” Forever: Allied Area Bombardment and the Japanese-American Internment in US History Textbooks and Memory

Madeline Sweitzer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Love (and Rebellion) Conquers All: Why Japanese Women Risked Everything to Marry the ‘Enemy’ in the Aftermath of the Second World War

Maggie Corbett, Vanderbilt University, The Forgotten Wreck of the Steamship Sultana: How America Forgot the Deadliest Shipwreck in National History

Michael P. Goodyear, University of Chicago, An Armenian from Macedonia: The Origins of Emperor Basil I

Noah W. Janis, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, “Allow Me to Call Your Attention to the Situation of the Forts”: Misreading the Importance of Defending Eastern North Carolina in the Civil War

Janna Adelstein, Vanderbilt University, Art as Power: The Medici Family as Magi in the Fifteenth Century

Michelle Shang, University of Chicago,  The Value of Suffering: American Civil War Pensions and Public Perceptions of the Morally Deserving

Robert Yee, Vanderbilt University, The Race for Looted Gold: Swiss Bank Compliance and Shadow Banking During World War II

Ellen Dement, Vanderbilt University, The Making of a National Library: The Library of Congress as a Cultural Product of the Late-Nineteenth Century

Andrew Grafton, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Fighting for Their Livelihood: The Distinctive Nature of American Privateering Culture During the War of 1812

Caroline Fleischhauer, Vanderbilt University, ‘History in Bronze’: Reshaping National Narratives of Civil War Memory through Confederate Memorial atArlington National Cemetery, 1868-1914

Camille Edwards, Cornell University, From Locke to Louboutin: Justifying Fashion Legal Protection with Philosophical Property Theories