Spring 2018

Spring 2018

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Anna M. Lehrman, California State University, Fresno, “O, Desolating War!”: The Commemorative Poetry and Politics of Margaretta Faugeres, 1790s New York 

Rachael E. Jones, Dartmouth College, Questionable Progress: Medical Treatment of Shell Shock in the First World War

Leon Lam, Binghamton University, British Influence in Operation Urgent Fury: A Preliminary Study

Olivia L. Jensen, Vanderbilt University, Rhetoric Against Pagans in St. Augustine’s City of God

Katherine Frances Cayton, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Anti-Communism, Gender, and Race in the Depression-Era South

Ashley Shiyan Sun, Emory University, Building Socialism With Cuban Characteristics: Sino-Cuban Relations in the 1990s

Dexter Docherty, McGill University, Gendered Justice: Elizabeth Fry and the Success of Benevolent Reformation in Nineteenth-Century British Prisons

Frank Spence, Vanderbilt University, Soviet Newspaper Coverage of McCarthyism

Elizabeth A. Cowan, Davidson College, “Our Exiled Eyes”: Remembering Ireland in Argentina through The Southern Cross

Breck Radulovic, University of Chicago, A Mistress’ Virtue: Women, Brutality, and Evangelicalism in the Slave South

Mason J. Herleth, Washington University in St. Louis, The Good Life: Reshaping Society and Social Values through Public Housing in Red Vienna

Natalie A. Hill, Marquette University, Useful and Beautiful Things: Lizzie Black Kander’s Space for Immigrants and Girls in Milwaukee

Fionn Adamian, McGill University, “We Will Give You the Pesos in Cash: Credit and Debt in Nahua Communities, 1540-1620

Jonathan Feld, Princeton University, From Clad in Irons to Ironclads: The Union Navy and Naval Emancipation, 1861-1863